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[ Philadelphia Social Worker ] Job Information
Category Child & Family Services Job Type Temporary Full-time
Job Status Sourcing Minimum Education College - Undergraduate
Degree Title Minimum Experience
No of Jobs 1 Duration
Start Publishing 08/18/2019 Stop Publishing 11/18/2019
The Social Worker engages in a process of collaborative partnership-building with parents to establish mutual trust and to identify family goals, strengths and necessary services and other supports. The Social Worker has specialized knowledge in social services and collaborates with community agencies; tracks and monitors referrals, social services, client records and case notes, and provide direct social services through case management. Provides home visitations and social work interventions to client families (30-35) families
MSW Knowledge and skills in the following areas: counseling of individuals and families in the areas of HIV and addiction; group process and facilitation; crisis intervention; family-centered care model; maternal and child health; child development (infants and toddlers) and parenting; mental health issues; community resources, knowledgeable of trauma informed systems
Preferred Skills
Posted 08/18/2019 09:50:26