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[ Philadelphia ABA Supervisor ] Job Information
Category Child & Family Services Sub Category
Job Type Direct Hire Job Status Sourcing
Minimum Education College - Graduate Degree Title
Minimum Experience 2 Year No of Jobs 1
Duration Start Publishing 10/04/2019
Stop Publishing 02/04/2020

ABA Supervisor needed for full-time, direct hire position in Philadelphia County. 


The ABA Supervisor will be responsible for program design, implementation, evaluation, and oversight of the ABA programs delivered by TSS-ABA, RBT, and BSC-ASDs to ensure quality assurance. This position will involve direct onsite consultation to ensure clinicians have effectively implemented the ABA programming for the identified child.

  • Oversight of all ABA treatment provided by ABA staff.
  • Provide supervision/consultation to all staff providing ABA services within accordance of state, MCO, and all regulatory bodies.
  • Monitor regular supervision attendance at the required level for the BSC-ASD, RBT and TSS-ABA as per regulation and BH-MCO requirements and follows up with disciplinary action as necessary.
  • Develop and conduct staff training on the principles of ABA and behavior modification.
  • Ensures that the BSC-ASD, TSS-ABA and RBT meets all annual training requirements per agency, state and BH-MCO credentialing requirements.
  • Conduct a range of behavioral, verbal, and curricular assessments (i.e. Functional Behavior Assessments, VB-MAPP, ABLLS, and curriculum-based assessments) for specific cases, and train identified staff in these assessments to ensure fidelity. Assist and review Functional Behavior Assessments and Treatment Plans written by BSC-ASDs.
  • Complete the Experience Standards Competency Test in alignment with BACB requirements.
  • Provide clinical supervision to Registered Behavior Technicians (RBT) and Therapeutic Support Staff (TSS-ABA).
  • Provide clinical supervision for identified BCBA candidates as applicable.
  • Provide case consultation to the BSC-ASD and monitor treatment integrity by providing on-site case consultation and/or supervision, reviewing treatment plans, reviewing progress notes and assessing data collection.
  • Review and assess all clinical documentation and develop recommendations and changes to ensure that documentation is in line with ABA best practices.
  • Completes compliance checks for services deliverables on a regular basis per agency policies.
  • Completes regular progress note audits per agency procedure.
  • Develop aggregate program data on target behaviors to assess overall improvement in ABA services.
  • Participate in treatment team meetings, IEP team meetings, interagency team meetings, and any other meetings requested.
  • Maintain certification through participation in professional development hours (via professional workshops).
  • Assist in internship program to facilitate University Collaboration and meaningful learning experiences for University Students and the Community Based Program and the setting.

PA LSW - Board Certification in Applied Behavior Analysis-BCBA ; Advanced coursework in applied behavior analysis and/or working with children with disabilities; Maintain BCBA Supervisor eligibility; At least two years’ experience working as a team leader or consultant; Experience conducting FBA’s and creating  Treatment Plan’s; Functional understanding of advanced ABA principles; Staff training experience 

Preferred Skills
Posted 10/04/2019 12:38:05