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[ Philadelphia Permanency Social Workers ] Job Information
Category Child & Family Services Sub Category
Job Type Temp to Permanent/Full-time Job Status Sourcing
Minimum Education College - Undergraduate Degree Title
Minimum Experience No of Jobs 2
Duration Start Publishing 10/17/2019
Stop Publishing 02/17/2020

Permanency Social Workers needed for full-time, temp to hire positions in Lancaster County. 

The Permanency Worker is responsible to complete SWAN (Statewide Adoption and Permanency Network) referrals. These referrals can include child services such as Child Profiles, Child Preparation and Child Specific Recruitment. Children who receive these services can have any permanency goal:  Reunification, Adoption, PLC, or APPLA.

The SWAN referrals also can be for the completion of PLC family profiles, Foster-Adopt Profiles, Placement (supervising an adoption placement) and Adoption finalizations. The Permanency Worker may also work with families who are interested in adopting children outside of the SWAN criteria (children 10 years old and older) and complete dual approvals for foster care with these families. There may be times the Permanency Worker will be involved with a family completing an international or private adoption.

The Permanency Worker provides case management and supportive counseling services to adoptive/pre-adoptive/PLC families and foster children in their assigned caseload. If the referral is for an adoption or PLC family profile, the Permanency Worker works toward the overall goal of permanency for each child through adoption or PLC. Workers provide orientation, family profiles and ongoing training and support groups for families. They provide matching services and supervision after the placement of a child for adoption. The worker is responsible for all documentation and paperwork necessary to complete the adoption/PLC process or in the completion of any child services that are referred. He/she will meet regularly with the Permanency Supervisor to review cases and discuss practice skills to improve case management and practice skills.

BSW required, MSW preferred.  Experience in child welfare or adoption casework is beneficial. Experience working with children and families is preferred.

The employee will have access to a personal car, to be used for transportation purposes during work. The employee will possess a valid driver’s license, vehicle registration, car insurance, and have a safe driving record

Preferred Skills
Posted 10/17/2019 16:31:55