What Social Workers Have to Say

Why Affiliate with Social Work p.r.n.?

"I wanted to thank you and Social Work PRN so very much. I've had nothing but wonderful experiences with you, and you have no idea how helpful you have been. With this new position under my belt and on my resume, suddenly I got far, far more interest and interviews when I went job-hunting again. You've really opened up opportunities for me in my career, and I cannot thank you enough. If I ever am looking for temp work again, Social Work PRN is the first place I will look.

Kate Fitzsimons, Social Worker

"I would like to let you know about my experience with Shedra Jones at the Atlanta Social Work PRN office. Shedra was incredible. From the moment I walked in the office I felt welcomed and respected. She presented as highly informed of the duties that would be expected of a consultant as well as an affiliate. She answered my questions in detail and made an effort to get to know me, the professional and the person. I left feeling as though I (and my license) was in very good hands. Shedra was, to me, a perfect representative of a social worker: professional, friendly, intelligent, well informed, and sharp. Thank you for having someone like Shedra to work with those of us who come to your agency."

Romya Turner, LCSW 

"Social Work p.r.n. provided me with an opportunity to explore various positions. I received calls from the coordinator of Social Work p.r.n. requesting my feedback and whether I thought it was a good fit for me. If I had any concerns I felt that I had an attentive listening ear and always felt that my concerns were heard. I wholeheartedly would recommend Social Work p.r.n." 

Lorna, Social Worker

"Social Work prn is an awesome company as they obtained for me the exact type of high quality positions I was looking for in a much quicker period of time that I could have on my own. Social Work prn is attuned to the proper fit for each candidate and makes sure that every affiliate is satisfied. This organization has displayed professionalism with a friendly environment. I am pleased with the speed and accuracy with which I am provided with a job assignment. The staff is very supportive and encouraging. I recommend Social Work prn for either a temporary or permanent position in the field of social work."

V. Knight, CMSW

"First, I approached Social Work p.r.n. with curiosity. It is seldom that you find agencies just for us. During my first seminar, I realized that I was at home! The warm feeling that you are accepted and going to be cared for is a good one. When my first assignment came, the process and transition was smooth thanks to our coordinator Robyn who made endless efforts to sort out the bureaucracy of a big corporation and get the job avaialble. She was always there when I had a question or concern. It is really good to have someone backing you up and acting as the mediator between you and the setting. Her patience and professionalism were key in defining this experience as very special to me. She believed in me as a professional and gave me the opportunity to work and learn in a very prestigious healthcare company. Thank you Social Work p.r.n. for this opportunity." 

Roxana F., Florida Office Affiliate since 2009

"I have been an active affiliate of the Atlanta office of Social Work prn since 2003, working continuously in a variety of settings. Some settings were familiar and others were new opportunities enhancing my knowledge of other fields of practice. Assignments varied in time and commitment offering flexibility to my life as wife and mother. The staff at the Atlanta Office has been very considerate and supportive of me, my interests and my family. They have been a listening ear and a guide to assist me with navigating through the complexities of the many settings served. Social Work prn has been a wonderful addition to my life and I recommend it for those who value being respected and valued." 

Lisa Williams, LCSW

"When I was 71, the hospital where I had been working, with a great of satisfaction, for 25 years decided to cut out the position I had held amd move to a half-time, very specialized position. It was clearly time for me to retire---but it was soon clear that I wasn't ready to stop the practice of social work. I have now worked in seven settings, in three cases for protracted periods. I've just had my 75th birthday and I'd like to continue. I can choose when and how much I work. I've kept learning and have worked with many wonderful people. I certainly recommend the p.r.n. way." 

Mary Ann Donaldson, LICSW

"I have been affiliated with Social Work prn for the past two years. I have served several home health agencies through social work prn assignments. Social Work prn staff are always very professional and supportive of my work as well as working with my scheduling needs. Thanks to the staff at Social Work prn." 

Maria Lang, Denver Office Affiliate

"My affiliation with Social Work prn began in 1999 and has been an exceptionally positive experience. The Agency's assignments have been in an amazing variety of placements in highly recognized hospitals, clinics and agencies in diverse geographical and cultural locations. When there are times I prefer to have a schedule to fit with my personal plans Social Work prn has always been flexible. Trust and reliance is shown to me prior to each specific placement that I have the ability to meet the expected objectives set by the particular facility with satisfaction. Concurrently the Social Work prn Coordinator is consistently available to offer expertise when I am seeking consultation with management issues. More importantly support is given with a sense of caring while valuing me as an individual. A co-professional should not hesitate to try the route I have taken to be an affiliate with Social Work prn. This decision can provide the direction to reach the ultimate goals you are seeking with an optimum outcome in your career." 

Helen Harvey, LCSW

"The entire team at Social Work prn has been incredibly professional, supportive and easy to work with; especially when working together on educational and social events. They, like us, believe in finding ways to give back to our community."

Cynthia Moses LSCSW, LSCW, ACSW

"I have to say thank you for all you do. I have been on your mailing list for years. I always look forward to your emails that include employment opportunities and much needed CEUs. Recently, I contacted you about seeking employment. It took less than three months and I found employment. The best part is that you really boosted my confidence and that carried me in looking for a place to do my work. I appreciate you. I appreciate how you went the extra mile for me. Please feel free to share this with others. I continue to spread the word about Social Work PRN. You are the heart and soul of the organization from where I sit. Thank you so very much." 

Denise R. Cooney Zajkowski LCSW

"I just wanted to thank you for your encouragement. I am certainly glad I took the job because it has been very rewarding, and I love working with the adolescent psychiatric population. I was hopeful the temporary position would lead to a permanent position, and eventually I was offered a full time permanent job. I want to say thank you for the opportunity, guidance and help through this process. I highly recommend social work prn to any and every social worker I know that is looking for opportunities. It has been tremendously resourceful. Thanks again for everything.” 

Shesha Dave, LSW

"I am a licensed Masters level social worker/LCADC and have been working in New Jersey in a private practice for the past seven years. As a father of nine children from my blended family, I needed to supplement my income! I sent out resumes, searched online and networked with colleagues. Finally, I noticed various positions advertised by Social Work prn. I submitted my resume and hoped for the best. Two days later, Linda, the New Jersey coordinator, contacted me to set up an interview. Linda remained diligent and faithful to her calling, continuing to contact me with possibilities. Eventually, I accepted an opportunity at an outpatient addictions agency where I have been employed for the past two months. Thus far, I have enjoyed the work at my current placement and hope it continues for a long time. I know that when this assignment ends, Social Work prn will be there to direct me towards further opportunities. " 

D. Michael Astarita, LMSW/LCADC

"I enjoy working for Social Work p.r.n. because of the unique opportunities it provides for me. I enjoy a flexible schedule that suits my family, while exploring new areas of social work that I may not have otherwise had the chance to experience. I have primarily worked in geriatric social work in the past. With Social Work p.r.n. I have been able to work with adjudicated teens, a population that I have found tremendously fulfilling in my role as a social worker. The organization calls on me when needed via Social Work p.r.n. and we have enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship. I have helped them during audits and to secure funding by keeping them current in their required services and documentation. They have provided me with a valuable experience in what was previously unfamiliar territory. With the state of our present economy, and budget conscious organizations needing employees, but sometimes unable to hire a permanent, full-time employee, Social Work p.r.n. just makes sense!"

Jennifer M., Florida Office Affiliate since April 2008

"After taking a hiatus from Nursing Home Social Services, I decided to join an agency to get my foot back in the door. After some diligent research, I found Social Work PRN to be the most transparent and commonly used Social Work agency in the industry so it was an easy decision to join this organization. That was going on 2 years ago; they have kept me busy ever since. The staff has always been professional and is just a phone call away if you need assistance with anything. It truly has been a pleasure working with a company that shows that they care about you."

Patricia Gaynor-Watson, Florida Office Affiliate since 2011