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Joann Poole
Philadelphia Coordinator


Joann is a native Philadelphian. She and her husband, Bob, share four children and seven grandbabies (four girls and three boys).


Joann has been working for Social Work p.r.n. Philadelphia Office since 2000, in various roles. Joann believes that Social Work p.r.n.’s mission is to provide highly skilled and qualified candidates on an ‘as needed basis.’ The company, she says, is all about the ‘fit.” Over the years, she has found that if it doesn’t work for both sides, it’s not a good placement for either the employer or the social work professional.


“I have made many friends over the years, both social workers and employees of settings that we work with,” Joann says. “I thoroughly believe I give 110% to both and get as much back as I give. It’s amazing how many people, even those I may not have met in person, feel that they are lifetime friends. We know as much about each other’s personal lives as close friends would; whether we discuss our families, restaurants, wine, or pets, we are ultimately just people, connected by the same work.”


“Socials workers are selfless individuals who strive to make the world a better place, one person at a time,” she explains. “I like to believe that I also give the same service to my employees and the companies we service.


To discuss employment opportunities or staffing needs, Joann can be reached at 215.641.2311 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Of Interest

LCSW Clinical Group Supervision Is Here!

Do you want to become a LCSW and don't know where to get the necessary supervision? Social Work p.r.n. can help! We are proud to offer clinical group supervision that meets the requirements of the PA Department of State and Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs. 

These groups will be held at our office in Ft. Washington, PA and will be $35.00 for non-affiliates and $25.00 for Social Work p.r.n. affiliates. 

Stay tuned for dates!

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Our founder, Joan Upshaw, was a strong believer that social workers could bring value to any position or organization. All of us at Social Work p.r.n. support that belief. This insightful article from the USC School of Social WorkUSC School of Social Work details the challenges and benefits of moving from the nonprofit world into a corporate setting.

Why Companies Need Social Workers

Social workers can fill a variety of roles for companies, but as researchers are finding employing social workers for employees’ mental health can increase overall performance. Having social workers on staff can also help keep management’s decisions in check with ethical guidelines and evolve HR departments. Read this great article to learn more about why companies need social workers.

Michigan Social Worker Spearheads Effort for Post-Conflict Syria 

Marijo Upshaw, former Social Work p.r.n. member, was recently interviewed by public radio (Public News Service) regarding her involvement with the International Community Action Network (ICAN). Together they launched a project to establish the profession of social work in Syria. Read more about this effort.

Social Workers as Super-Heroes TEDx Talk by Dr. Anna Scheyett 

Dr. Anna Scheyett describes the ways that social workers serve their communities in this TEDx Talk. Dr. Scheyett serves as dean of the College of Social Work at USC. Her research examines community integration of vulnerable populations, especially those with serious mental illnesses, those with HIV, and those involved in the criminal justice system.