Social Workers

Social Work p.r.n.
is a nationwide social work company that has been in business for twenty years, helping thousands of settings and social workers by providing effective staffing and employment opportunities. 

Social workers may find employment opportunities in various fields of practice including:

  • Medical and Behavioral Health Care Hospitals 
  • Addiction Treatment Centers 
  • HMO's
  • Family and Children's Services 
  • Long Term Care Facilities 
  • Rehabilitation Centers 
  • Home Health Agencies 
  • HIV/AIDS Service Agencies 
  • Schools 
  • Community Service Agencies 
  • Outpatient Service Agencies 
  • Partial Hospitalization and Day Treatment Programs 
  • Prisons
  • Government Agencies 
  • Other Practice Settings that Utilize Social Workers 

We have nationwide opportunities in:

  • Temporary 
  • Temp-to-Permanent 
  • Permanent Placement Staffing 

We provide social workers a bridge to temporary and direct hire opportunities; while working to promote your social work interests and talents and match you with employment opportunities that make a "Fit" with your life.

Social Work p.r.n. Core Values:

  • Businesses are built on relationships. Relationship building is paramount to the success of the business. 
  • People, specifically, our employees and affiliate staff, are our most valuable resource. Consistent validation of a person's contributions helps a person feel valued. 
  • "Growing people" is both good for persons and the organizations for which they labor. 
  • Persons are entitled to be "whole people" with "whole lives" even though they work at jobs.
  • The concept of "fit" --- that is the idea that the relationship helps to fill the needs of both parties to the relationship if a fit exists --- is pragmatic in business.